Once there was a girl..

I was born in Sicily to a Sicilian father and a French mother. After a hurricane of circumstances I ended up in the land of Dutchies at the age of ten. I kept my Italian taste in food. My French sense of romance and adopted Dutch punctuality.

As a little girl just before I went to sleep, my mom sat down on the edge of my bed. “Let me tell you the story of little red riding hood” she said. The next day she started with “Let me tell you the story of little yellow riding hood.” Every night there was a new story I fell in love with. Later in life I rediscovered this lost love and embraced it with full force. A feeling so strong that made me quit pursuing a career in European Politics. I completed the Mezrab Storytelling School in 2021.

My storytelling journey is a fusion of Southern European temperament and Northern European logic. I open up about the divine comedy drama of my life bloopers, my family and strange encounters.

Why storytelling?

Being able to craft a story inspired by my own experiences is the purest form of art I believe. I’ve always had the desire to create and to perform. What I like about storytelling is that it’s an intimate setting where you acknowledge and address the audience directly. There is no fourth wall so the listener becomes a co-creator of the story. I believe this is a very unique and beautiful experience.


Verhalen van liefdesexperts



This is one of my favourite stories because not only it is a true one, but I also made a song about it together with singer-songwriter Erik Sjøholm.

In 2021 I completed the Mezrab Storytelling School. This was my graduation performance.

I also tell stories with my storytelling troupe The Zoetropes. During Covid-19 we made a livestream show for “Verhalen op Vrijdag” at Pakhuis de Zwijger. Our theme was “lessons from nature.” You can watch the full show here.


Give this a listen

Het eiland

Short folktale for Radio Oerol. The theme was “island.”